let us pray

Praying for Australia


Australia, Pray for our Nation. 

There is the ongoing determination to battle the bush fires by our national public service and  international support helping to put out the fires.

We have our volunteers and continued donations that are coming in to help offer more support to families and homes that have lost everything. 

You may be in another state or country of the world, and you maybe asking "How can I help?"  

There is one thing we can all do, PRAY! 

Lets join together in prayer, and ask God 

to bring rain and protect our nation, in Jesus name.

'The earnest prayer of a righteous person 

has great power and produces wonderful results.'

James 5:16 (NLT)



Thanks for checking out our church. We would like to personally invite you to come and join us for one of our services.  We offer a place where you are more than welcome to be a part of our praise and worship, friendly environment, and hearing what God has for your life. I look forward to seeing you. 

God Bless.                                      

                                                     Fritz & Claudia 

We have been a part of the The Potters House Christian fellowship of Australia for 20 years. During those years we have lead our youth extreme,  concert outreach and street evangelism. Also leading  worship, choir and drama. We pioneered our first church in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for a number of years and were missionaries to Bangalore India. Since October 2017 we have the great privilege and honour to pastor an ever growing Burnside church.   


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